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Capitol Hill Bikes Crew

Denise - Owner

Denise - Owner of Capitol Hill BikesBio: I got into cycling in 1995 when I signed up to do an AIDS benefit ride from Philadelphia to D.C. At the time, I didn't own a bike and was borrowing a very tall friend's bike. That didn't work, but it did teach me about the importance of riding a properly fitted bike! Plus, it changed my life; Laurie and I opened Capitol Hill Bikes in 2000 after we were disappointed with our experiences at other shops, especially for women! We wanted a store where everyone would feel welcome, no matter their age, gender, or cycling experience.

Current Bike: Bianchi Metropoli and Merlin Agilis

Favorite Ride/Trail: The one I make up as the mood strikes me. I really love exploring by bike.

Favorite Band: Janis Joplin, Big Brother and the Holding Company

Guilty Pleasure: I'm a news junkie: I could listen to news radio or televison all day.

You probably don't know that I... put up a Purple Martin bird house system with twelve gourds this year which attracted a full house of nesting birds. It was pretty wild to see all the birds flying around the houses. As part of the Purple Martin Conservation Association, I inspected the gourds to count the eggs and hatchlings a couple of times to make sure they were safe from predators and had no other issues. We must've had over 40 baby Martins!

Alex - Store Manager

Bio: Riding bikes changed my life. When I went from simply commuting to riding for sport, it was mountain biking. I immediately fell in love. I loved the challenge of learning a new skill, the healthier lifestyle, and mostly being out in nature. When i was a kid growing up in the DMV area, my mom used to take us camping and hiking and I HATED IT. I was a self proclaimed 'city kid' and i told myself i'd be living in the concrete jungle forever. Mountain biking reunited me with my California grown hippie mother's love for the wilderness. It changed my life. Since then, i've taken on just about every kind of riding out there. I still commute, but I love the freedom and self empowering feeling of getting 100 miles away from home on a road bike. I love going out to the middle of nowhere to ride gravel roads, passing farms and livestock. In the Fall/Winter, I love the challenge and camaraderie of waking up at 5am on a Sunday, to drive 2 hours to go race for 45 minutes in the freezing rain - a.k.a. Cyclocross. Cycling has taken me to parts of the country I would never have gone, and met some of the most amazing people. Things I would never have experienced if it had not been for this lifestyle change. I dont expect everyone will take it as far as I have, but I live to hopefully introduce others to the life changing phenomenon that is riding a bike.

Current Bike(s): Scott Scale 710 Plus, Ritchey Swiss Cross, BMC SL01,Orbea Alma M30,Surly Cross Check

Favorite Ride/Trail: Hilly Billy Roubaix, Loudon County Gravel Roads, Local road rides (ie: Macarthur BLVD), Capital Cross Classic, CHB Saturday CX ride!

Favorite Band: Om

Guilty Pleasure: Guilt is for the weak!

You probably don't know that I...experienced a 5 day vision quest in the jungles of Ecuador

Dave - Service

Sliced AsiagoBio: Sliced Asiago, From Washington DC North East

Current Bike(s):  Surly Instigator, All - City Thunderdome, NS Bikes Magesty.

Favorite Ride/Trail: Bryce, Fort DuPont Loop, Pirate Trail and Fountainhead Park.

Favorite Band: Hard to pick a favorite. Mozart maybe?

Guilty Pleasure:  I love riding by myself.  It's a great way to clear your head and be one with the bike.

You probably don't know that I... When I ride with other people, I like to chase them down like an animal!

Sean - Sales

Bio: I've been riding bikes for about 4 years.  I started out with triathlon, got into cyclocross, started racing road and crits and am now a full blown bike nerd.

Current Bike(s):  Trek Speed Concept (TT Bike), Specialized Allez (Road), Van Dessel Gin & Trombones (Cyclocross), LeMond Zurich (Bar Bike).

Favorite Ride/Trail: All time favorite ride is the Lake Placid Ironman Bike Course, after that I would have to go with the CHB Monuments Ride or any ride that ends at a bar or coffee shop.

Favorite Band: Product of the 90's so gonna have to go with Blink 182, Third Eye Blind, Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, ya know typical cliche 90s kid jams.  Oh and all Classic Rock. 

Guilty Pleasure:  Eating entire pizza's by myself and eating too many Oreo's.  How many Oreo's is too many you ask? Trick question.. There is no such thing.

You probably don't know that I... am a Certified Chef and can carve some pretty cool ice sculptures.

Julia - Sales

Bio: 20 somethings 1st Grade teacher, working in the bike industry to pay for race entry fees, bikes and parts.

Current Bike(s):  Felt ZW85, LeMond Tourmalet, All-City Macho (Wo)Man

Favorite Ride/Trail: Prince William Forest Park Loop and Nokesville Metric ride.

Favorite Band: Adele, Justin Bieber and Tay Swift.. wait, can we make them a band?

Guilty Pleasure:  S'mores and makng unnecassary purchases.

You probably don't know that I... Went to West Virginia University.. just kidding, yeah you did cause I tell everybody!


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