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CHB Shop Rides

Looking for a cycling community? Join one of our CHB group rides led by our awesome staff members. Whether you're a beginning cyclist, a commuter, or a weekend warrior, we have a ride for you.

Note: Helmets are required for all rides

Current Rides:
Bike the Monuments Night Ride 
When: Every Tuesday @ 6:00 pm
Where: Meet at CHB for a fun ride to de-stress and enjoy the beauty of DC
Note: bike lights are required
Cyclocross Ride
When: Every Saturday @ 8:30 am
Where: Meet at CHB with a cyclocross or mountain bike for a ride to Fort Dupont, one of D.C.'s best kept secrets. This is a ride for all levels
No-Drop Long Ride 
When: Every Sunday @ 8:00 am
Where: Meet at CHB for a longer, moderate to fast-paced ride around the DMV area (30-40 miles)
These rides were started so that Capitol Hill Bikes can spread the passion of cycling to our community. The employees at Capitol Hill Bikes love to ride (and talk endlessly about riding), and we are always excited to share that love to our customers.

This is meant to be an informal group riding experience. We have a no-drop policy, which means if you fall behind, don't fret! Someone will help you back to the group or hang out with you until you catch your breath. Group rides will have ride leader(s) who will set the course and pace of the ride (remember, no dropping!). Leaders will also make sure everyone makes it back to the start point.

If you are just starting out in cycling, welcome to the sport! Please make sure you are ready to take on this kind of physical activity. If you aren't, we'll try to set up rides to ease you into it. The rides will be very accommodating to varying skill levels.
Please contact Brian with any additional questions or concerns at or call 202-544-4234.

Sample Rides

Bike the Monuments Night Ride

No-Drop Long Ride



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